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Tailgate Talk Bracketology

February 20, 2012 Leave a comment

With conference tournaments right around the corner, Tailgate Talk looks ahead to the greatest month of sports, March Madness. Below are the projected top seeds:

1 Seeds: Kentucky, Syracuse, Missouri, Duke

2 Seeds: Kansas, Ohio State, North Carolina, Michigan State

3 Seeds: Georgetown, Florida, Baylor, Michigan

4 Seeds: Marquette, Louisville, Florida State, Wisconsin

5 Seeds: UNLV, Notre Dame, Murray State, Wichita State




February 20, 2012 Leave a comment

Jeremy Lin has taken the Knicks into playoff contention with a remarkable 8-1 record as a starter. The Knicks are currently sitting in 8th place in the East with a 16-16 record looking for continue this great streak. During the month of Feb. Lin has averaged nearly 23 points and over 8 assists a game throwing aside two former all-stars (Camelo and Amare) in the process.

Lin played four years at Harvard and played last season with Golden State, but saw some bad luck in finding a place to play this season. He’s been with a few teams already this year before signing with the Knicks. The story is truly remarkable and Lin has proven himself for the possibility to stay around the NBA for the long haul.